Staying Sane

Tips for Staying Sane and Happy!

There is lots going on in the world today and staying sane is something we are all trying our hardest to do. 

Here are some great ways I do my best to support my mental health. 

Getting lots of sleep is number 1. If Mama Bear ain't getting her proper sleep, look out. Now, more than ever I need a good nights sleep. 

Next Exercise. For the first 2 weeks I could barely get off my couch, except to go to the fridge or cupboards to make unhealthy comfort foods like cookies.  Now that  the dust has settled, I am now happy to say I am off the couch....well mostly. I make sure that every day I do "something" physical. It might just be a walk to the park or a stroll in my yard, pulling weeds but it's some kind of movement. My home gym still is collecting dust but I am getting there. 

And then the healthy eating. Well for the most part I make sure I eat healthy but I also have found a new love of baking and cooking. Trying out new recipes is fun and I am mindful of balancing the sweet treats with the healthy stuff. I also make sure I start my day with a super healthy shake to feel great, in case I decide to indulge later in the day. Oops!   I am planting lots of greens in my garden to add to my shakes too. Yummy!

And then, don't forget about Self Care. That isn't walking, eating or sleeping. That is doing something to quiet your mind and let go of any stress you have. I have started meditating in a free  Facebook group every Wednesday together with other like minded people.   And I  also love listening to healing music with my cuppa tea in my sun room. 

These are just a few ways I am staying sane.  Check out my blog for recipes and information to help you get a better nights sleep, enjoy some healthy recipes, and find out more about my free meditation group and other groups I have connected with.